Episode 10: The Future of City-Wide Event Partnerships

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Episode 10 features the first part of Show Host, Caleb Parker's interview with Deborah Kelly from London & Partners who answers the following questions:

  • How will event organisers team up with destinations in the future?
  • How is London & Partners positioning London as a playground for events organisers?
  • How can destinations use technology to curate experiences for event attendees?
  • How can digital group welcomes create better experiences?
  • What role will mobile apps play to engage event attendees with the destinations outside of the venue?

We discuss the above and more as we learn what London & Partners has in the works to position London as the leading destination for city-wide events of the future.

Be sure to watch Episode 10.1 below for the rest of our interview with Deborah.

Episode 10.1 is part 2 of our interview with Deborah Kelly from London & Partners where she answers the following questions:

  • Can online RFP tools can help organisers match the right destination with the right event?
  • Who does Deborah Kelly consider a MICE Influencer?
  • What ROI should destinations look for in partnering with MICE Influencers?
  • How does London & Partners look to work with influencers?
  • What will have the biggest impact on how event organisers will choose a destination in the future?

About London & Partners

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