Episode 7: Interview with Rachelle Valladares, EU Regional Director for Dezika

This episode is sponsored by CTS Systems and hosted by Us&Co.

Episode 7 of The Future in 15 Show broke new ground with Rachelle Valladares of Dezika joining as our first female guest to come on the show. Dezika is a tech startup aiming to disrupt the MICE commission world by making the collection and management easier for venues, supplier and agencies.

Commission Controversy?
Rachelle was challenged by Show Host Caleb Parker on her views on the future of MICE commission, a hot topic following a heated 'Great Debate' on commission at the HBAA Annual Forum the previous week in Manchester, England. Rachelle herself moderated a panel discussion on the same topic at The Meetings Show in June.

Here are some of the big questions we discussed:

  • What is the future of MICE commission?
  • Will transparency incentivise venues to pay commission invoices faster?
  • Do we need standardisation in MICE commission?
  • What's better: commission or booking fees?
  • How does Dezika help agencies collection commission?
  • How does Dezika streamline commission payments for venues?

The show was filmed in front of an audience of #eventprofs, agencies and suppliers who participated in an 'off cam' debate, and networked over wine before and after the show whilst taking in brilliant panoramic views of the City of London and the River Thames from Us&Co's top floor event space.  M&IT Magazine was onsite and covered some of the controversial topics here.

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About Dezika
Dezika is the leading automated commission collection and payment platform within the MICE industry worldwide. The company's cloud based platform and reporting function is powered by CTS Systems, who process more than $7 Billion and 45 million transactions each year.

  • Fox Mulder

    On the wider points raised I think there will always be an element of commission paid in this industry as there are just so many competing hotel groups and other venues out there. Also clients are still not used to funding agencies for this type of work and even where they do the fees are often covered by commissions anyway. I do not see any sign of that changing imminently. Don’t think you will ever get standardisation on the calculation or what items commission is paid on either. Trying to obtain commission on anything other than accommodation is still a challenge in North America and Asia.