Episode 6: Interview with Mark Lewington, CEO of CTS Systems

This episode is sponsored by Dezika and hosted by Kingsway Hall Hotel.

Commissions vs. booking fees; the hot topic being debated by travel management companies (TMCs), venues and corporate travel departments.

We interviewed Mark Lewington, CEO of CTS Systems, to get his view and learn about his company's innovative platform to streamline commissions in business travel.
[Hint: The debate will be decided by big data.]

Here's an overview of what we discussed:

  • How CTS supports Travel Management Companies (TMCs) and Corporate Travel Departments
  • The debate between commissions and booking fees
  • Why is understanding data important?
  • Understanding 'consumed data'
  • Minimising foreign exchange costs
  • What is a payment ecosystem?
  • Will we see an industry standard commercial model?


About CTS Systems, Inc.

CTS Systems is a technology company that streamlines commission payments and collection for TMCs, corporate travel departments and venues. Based in Atlanta, Georgia (USA), the company specialises in commission management, collection, reconciliation, and reporting, and processes over 43 million transactions per year accounting for $7 billion in travel revenues.