S2, EPISODE 1: Maximising ROI of Small Meetings with Online Bookings

This episode is sponsored by venuedirectory.com.

Season 2 of The Future in 15 Show starts where Season 1 ended - at Warwick Conferences in the English midlands.

In this episode we partnered with The HBAA in a special feature panel discussion to learn how venues and agencies can maximise the return of small meetings.

Panelists include:

  1. Adam Simpson etc.venues
  2. Joanna Fisher | Kew Green Hotels
  3. Heather Swatkins venuedirectory.com
  4. Mark Nunan Meetingsbooker.com

Discussion points:

  • The demand for small meetings
  • Time wasted by offering 3 options to client vs. just booking straight away
  • Examples of ROI
  • Solutions to drive direct bookings
  • Solutions to leverage agent relationships via online bookings