Episode 1: Interview with Showslice Founder, Damian Oracki

This episode is brought to you by venuedirectory.com, and hosted by our sponsors, Chandos House.

Welcome to the series premiere of The Future in 15 Show.  In Episode 1 we interview Damian Oracki, Founder of Showslice to learn how his company is bringing a new spin on the sharing economy into events and how the Showslice platform helps event organisers save time and money, while bringing new business to venues and event suppliers.

About Showslice
Showslice is a unique event deals platform that enables the sharing of infrastructure for large meetings & events.

The company works with event organisers, venues and suppliers in order to see what event and production/set-up ideas are already confirmed at particular venues and then promotes the adjacent available days in order for organisers to enjoy the cost, time and waste savings of sharing event infrastructure. To learn more visit www.showslice.co.uk